Let me tell you a small story about my evening. I went for a walk with my dogs in my apt complex and was listening to listener’s-wooden heart. One of my all time favorite songs. I stopped to take some pictures of my dogs in the weird lighting outside and noticed several odd light leaks so I used the opportunity to also snap a few selfies. I had planned to add some lyrics from the song and throw a bunch of filters on it to make it artsy blah blah (we all do it). but when I looked back through the images, we (cassiebwelch.tumblr.com and I) noticed that the light leaks contained a striking resemblance to a screaming face. There’s maybe 5 pictures in all and the face slightly changes in each. Oddly enough in the opening verse of the song Dan sings “I’ve been haunted by standard red devils and white ghost”. Even odder, we’ve spent the past few days digging through an abandoned house and have found a series of love letters, an envelope of hair, and a few old pictures. I’m beginning to wonder if we didn’t bring back more than the souvenirs of adventuring. 

The top image is unaltered by filters, only slightly adjusting the light in the picture. The bottom image was run through a filter to better show the image next to my head.

22 notes - 30 May, 2013

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